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Top world warcraft pets 
1. Cat
Cats are by far and away the most popular Hunter pet. Their appealing looks, commoness throughout Azeroth, large amount of availible skills (Bite, Growl, Cower, Claw, Dash, and Prowl), and variety make them the top choice. Their Prowl ability works very well with a Night Elf Hunter’s Shadowmeld skill. Cats also have the highest net bonuses at +8% with high damage (+10%), lower than average health (-2%) and average armor. Unless you dislike the idea of having the most popular World of Warcraft pet, cat is the way to go.

2. Ravager
Ravagers are World of Warcraft pets that are found in Outland and Azuremyst Isle and Bloodmyst Isle in the low-level Draenei areas. Ravagers have low health (-7%) but more than make up for it with very high damage (+10%) and good armor (+5%). Ravagers can learn Cower, Growl, Bite, Dash, and Gore which is a cheap instant attack that does small damage but has a 50% chance to do double damage (or quadruple damage on a critical hit). The Ravager’s useful skills and high-end damage make them a very good Hunter pet.

3. Bat
There are a number of Bat species in Azeroth which can be cound in Tirisfal Glade, Blackrock Depths, Razorfen Kraul, the Eastern Plaguelands, and the Ghostlands. Bats have the same skills as Owls with the same high damage output (+7%) and average health and armor. More available to Horde than Owls, Bats do get a slight edge over Owls for number 3 due to their fearsome looks although the novelty of a Horde Hunter with an Owl may outweigh the coolness factor for some.

4. Owl
Like Spiders, Owls have one of the highest net bonus totals among all pets with their high damage (+7%) and average health and armor. Although some Hunters dislike the Owl becuase their large wings can interfere with targeting, their huge skill set (Claw, Cower, Growl, Dive, and their unique Screech skill) make them very popular especially for pet tanking. So popular, lower level Horde Hunters have been know to sneak into Teldrassil (the only place Owls are found pre-level 48) to tame one.

5. Spider
Spiders can be found nearly everywhere in World of Warcraft and, although they’re not very popular with Hunter’s due to their lack of a special skill (they can learn Cower, Growl, and Bite), they have high damage output (+7%) and no penalties to health or armor giving them one of the highest net bonus totals among all WoW pets.

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